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Bar Soap

Bar Soap

SKU: 366615376135191

Vegan - Organic Bar Soap Called Beloved

Created by Strawberry Hedgehog for the Album Release Debut 


    Soap Ingredients 

    • Bulgarian lavender for easing self expression 
    • Cedarwood for strength and certainty 
    • Eucalyptus for openness and freedom  
    • Rose for love, trust and self acceptance 
    • Frankincense for liberation of spirit 
    • Myrrh for transcendent peace
    • Cypress for transformation and renewal 
    • Juniper Berry  to unburden and empower 
    • Patchouli for grounding and connection 
    • Lime to cheer and lighten spirit 
    • Labdanum for heart opening 
    • Ginger for self confidence and initiative 

    Product Created by Strawberry Hedgehog

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